The ‘sharing economy’ is a big buzzword that has been thrown around a lot over the past decade across various industries including car sharing services like Popcar. As a service that contributes to this industry, we recently commissioned a survey to pick the brains of Australians to find out more of their opinions and to see whether they play an active role in this sharing economy.


From the 1,000 Australians surveyed it seems that Australians are not the greatest sharers, with 59% of people surveyed not currently taking part in the sharing economy.

Of the 41% that are involved in the economy,  the services that they use most are as follows: 40.7% food delivery platforms (Deliveroo, UberEats), 14.4% house-sharing/accommodation platforms (AirBnB, Stayz), 21% have used ride sharing services and only 6.6% have used car sharing services like Popcar (‘other’ services was selected for the remaining 17.3%).

This result surprised Popcar so we decided to delve in a little deeper and found that although 54.1% agree that they can save money by using sharing economy services there are some factors that do make them hesitant in becoming more involved in the sharing economy.

These factors include not knowing:

  • Enough about the sharing economy;
  • Enough about the benefits;
  • How they can take part ;
  • The full extent of options available;
  • Or they don’t find it financially appealing.

Popcar believes that our service does enable Australians to experience the sharing economy in a positive way through our membership options, the opportunity for financial savings and the numerous benefits that come along with our services.


By joining Popcar we want to make your life better and we do this through:

  • BETTER CARS – For whatever the occasion we’ve got the car for you! We offer a fantastic selection of premium vehicles for our members to book including our City Hatch (VW Polo’s or Toyota Corollas), SUVs (Toyota C-HR or RAV4), Sports (Toyota 68), Sports Plus (VW Golf GTI), Vans (Toyota Hiace) or Hybrid (Toyota Prius) vehicles. All are equipped with the latest and greatest technology, exceptional safety features and driver comfort so our members can experience the Popcar difference.
  • BETTER BUDGET – Only pay for what you use. Popcar will cover the finance repayments, fuel, rego, insurance, tyres, servicing and cleaning so you can spend more on the destination and experiences;
  • BETTER COMMUNITY – Every car share car removes multiple privately owned cars from the streets of your community. Less total cars on the roads means less traffic and congestion which is a good thing for everyone, especially you;
  • BETTER PLANET – Popcar vehicles are low in emissions and when car sharing is used over a privately owned car, less total kilometres are driven. These two things combined help towards a better planet;
  • BETTER EXPERIENCE– Your experience matters. By joining Popcar our members can focus on doing life better and our Membership Experience Consultants will focus on the rest and get you there hassle free;
  • BETTER YOU – By looking after all of the above Popcar helps their members put time back into their lives, and in a society that is so time poor that in itself is a major win in our books!

We also strive to bring awareness of the great benefits that come along with taking part in the sharing economy and will continue to spread this message to all Australians.


If you haven’t tried Popcar for yourself, what are you waiting for? Our exceptional Membership Experience Consultants are available to help you and will endeavour to make every Popcar encounter as enjoyable and hassle free as possible. Get in touch on 1300 707 227 or via email at