Special Promotions and Prices for you

At Popcar you can find different packages, promotions and fees that will adjust to your budget, needs and style. To become a member of Popcar you just need to hold a valid driver’s license P2 or higher and a valid Visa or MasterCard, with this you can sign-up in simple steps.

First choose your plan, the one that adapts to you, we currently have 3 different plans that go along with how much you use Popcar: Often, Occasional and Standby. After you choose and fill up the information we request, wait for your registration approval, once this is complete you will be able to instantly access our vehicles using the Popcar apps Bluetooth feature and you’ll also receive your Popcar member pack which will include an access card! You’re ready to unlock the Popcar experience. 

All full-day rate bookings include 200km and any additional kilometers are charged at 40c/km, you can check all of our cars and locations to find the closest car to you.

Looking for a Van Rental in Byron Bay?

Our rental car service offers a variety of van hire in Byron Bay to meet your needs, whether moving furniture or taking the boards out for a surf. Our vans are well-maintained and come equipped with the latest safety features and technology, ensuring a safe and comfortable ride. We offer competitive rates and flexible rental options to fit your schedule and budget

All of our cars and commercial van hire in Byron Bay are designed to fit your needs and you can find them near your location, with our services you just pay by the hour or pay by the day, making sure you spend just what you use and with flexibility and convenience.

Ready to start your driving journey? Become a Popcar member now! Get started.