Car Sharing Business Plan

Why Choose Business Plan

By choosing Popcar over investing in a fleet of business vehicles, we allow the freedom and flexibility of no lock in contracts and only paying for what you use.

There are no minimum drivers required to join our Business Plan all you’ll need to provide is your ABN number. No joining fees, holding fees or ongoing membership fees plus the cost of fuel and maintenance are covered by us, so you can focus on your business.

Can we help you with your business travel needs? Fill out our form below and our Membership Experience Team will be in touch to further assist you.


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    Set up your account

    You can enquire about our business plan by filling out our form or talk to our friendly Membership Experience Team by giving us a call on 1300 707 227 or and we can assist you. It's free to join, no monthly fees and access to our best rates!


    Account Approval

    Once you have provided the relevant details via our form we will send you an invite to join our business plan. Once you have signed up and we have verified all your account information (this can take up to 1-2 business days), once approved you will be able to access our vehicles immediately using the Bluetooth feature within our app. We will also post a membership pack to the account administrator which will include further information and an access card as another way for your staff to access our vehicles.


    Make a Booking

    Our vehicles are ready and waiting in their dedicated bays for you to book. Simply book through our app or online, arrive to the vehicle, use our Bluetooth feature within the app or tap on with your access card and you’re on your way!


    From $0/Month

    From $0 Joining Fee Per Driver
    No monthly fees, just pay for what you use

    From $5.5/hr (+$40c/km) $59*/day (incl.200km)

    *Nothing to lose. No lock in contracts, no expensive credit card holds, cancel anytime.



    Insurance Excess Reduction


    Reduces your insurance excess liability to $0 from $1500/$2000


    Carbon Offset


    Contribute to the environment by offsetting carbon emissions when driving a Popcar.

    More Details
    popcar toyota corolla
    City Hatch
    $5.5/hr (+40c/km) $59/day (incl.200km)
    $7.9/hr (+40c/km) $88.00/day (incl.200km)
    popcar vw golf
    Sport Plus
    $11/hr (+40c/km) $90.00/day (incl.200km)
    popcar prius car
    $6.6/hr (+40c/km) $88.00/day (incl.200km)
    popcar toyota hiace
    $9.9/hr (+40c/km) $90.00/day (incl.200km)
    More Details

    Pricing Explained

    By the hour or by the day

    Each time you book a Popcar you pay by the hour or by the day, not a combination of both. If you book by the hour the cost will be the hourly rate plus $0.40 per kilometre travelled. If you book by the day, you pay the daily rate which includes 200km, any additional kilometres will cost $0.40 per kilometre (over 200kms).

    Offset your emissions

    You can choose to contribute to the environment and pay .01 per kilometre and offset your carbon emissions. You choose this option at the time of your booking via our Popcar app.


    Insurance is included in your hourly and daily usage however you can choose to reduce your insurance excess liability from $1500 (or $2000 if under 25) to $0. Insurance Excess Reduction costs $1.50 per hour. You choose this option at the time of your booking via our Popcar app.

    Considerate Sharing

    Being a car sharer means being part of something special. A cleaner, greener future and a tribe of like-minded people avoiding the hassles of car ownership. Being a sharer, also means being considerate of others. You may attract fees for late return or leaving a Popcar without enough fuel. See more here

    Other rates and charges

    Vehicle Left Unacceptably Dirty/Evidence of Smoking within the vehicle$95.00
    Parking/Traffic Infringement received by Popcar to be transferred to responsible account holder$25.00
    Late Return
    *Please note that if you repeatedly return our vehicles late, you will incur a higher penalty fee of up to $100 and have your booking privileges revoked.
    New Popcar Access Card$10.00
    Vehicle left below 30% tank of fuel$25.00
    Late Payment Fee$25.00
    Technician call out$110.00
    Recovery Fee$155.00
    Towing or Impoundment of a Popcar vehicle will result in the cost being on charged if member is at fault$-

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