1. Pick Up and Return Popcar to its Dedicated Bay

All Popcars must be picked up and returned to their dedicated or floating bays according to our app. If for some reason you find the bay occupied, we ask that you please take a photo of the offending vehicle parking in our parking spot, making sure the rego is clearly seen. A photo of the parking sign and a photo of the car’s windscreen (to show incorrect or lack of permit on the car to prove its not meant to be there) is even more helpful.

You can report this to the local council that you were unable to return the car through an app called ‘Snap, Send, Solve’ or alternatively you can email the council directly with these photos. Once you have done that, please contact Popcar as well at membership@popcar.com.au with the images so that we can also have a record and then you can park the Popcar vehicle in the closest untimed and legal parking space.

If you must park it a few blocks away that is fine, we just ask that you update the Popcar membership team as to where it is parked so we can either get maintenance to move it back the next business day or we can inform the next member with a booking. The process of heavily reporting these incidents to council means it can either prevent a parking ticket being issued to you or can be more easily contested and dismissed.

2. Be Respectful of Our Vehicles and Others

The nature of car share is that it is designed so cars will be shared by multiple people. This means members must be mindful of keeping the cars tidy is incredibly important, not only for Popcar but also being respectful of other users and their needs and preferences. This includes things like cleaning up after yourself, not leaving trash or personal belongings in the car, and being considerate of others’ schedules and time.

3. Follow Rules and Regulations

This means following Popcar specific restrictions including no smoking or vaping in our vehicles, as well as guidelines for traffic laws and conditions like not drink driving or speeding. Being considerate of others means understanding and respecting these rules, as they are in place to ensure the safety and comfort of all members and keep our vehicles in good conditions.

If you do find that someone has not been following the rules when it comes to respecting our vehicles, please report this on the app or get in contact with Popcar as reporting any issues or concerns promptly can help improve the overall member experience and ensure our service remains viable.

4. Under 25% Fuel? Fill Up

Every Popcar has a fuel card located in a compartment near the left side of your knee when you are sitting in the driver’s seat. Fueling a Popcar is every member’s responsibility, and our cars are always required to be returned at the completion of each journey with at least 25% fuel level. If you find one of our cars under that level, send a photo of the fuel gauge to membership@popcar.com.au and our membership team will follow this up with the previous user and place a penalty fee on their account.

5. Key Must Always Remain in Popcar

Our Popcar vehicles are started via a normal car key, which is attached under the steering wheel to a pull cord. This key must always remain in the vehicle, and you must only ever unlock and lock the vehicle either using the Bluetooth feature on our Popcar app or with your blue Popcar Access Card. If the car uses a Smart Start system (push button start without a key) then all you need to do is put your foot on the brake and push the ‘Start/Stop button to get going.

If all members remain conscious of others when using Popcar it will not only cultivate a positive user experience, but it also helps ensure the safety and comfort of all members and promotes a sense of community and shared responsibility – which is a fantastic consequence of the sharing economy!

Have a question for our membership team? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to them at membership@popcar.com.au or call on 1300 707 227. Or you can check out our Frequently Asked Questions to find the answer you’re looking for.