Popcar Car sharing story

Why we believe in Car Sharing

We want to redefine the way Australia moves around, to redefine what it is to take that journey to live life better. As a member with Popcar, you’ll get to be part of that.

Our promise is that we make car sharing better than car owning. From the benefits to your local community, a more sustainable future and the money you’ll save. It’s better for you and our planet.

Studies from around the world have shown that every car share vehicle replaces at least 12 privately owned cars. In turn this reduces congestion, increases parking availability and also has financial economic benefits.

Popcar is about changing from the convention of owning a car, to a better, more sustainable way to get around. We’re on a mission to get more Australians to make the switch.

When you become a Popcar member you’re part of the future that benefits your local community.

Car sharing is better than car owning

We promise car sharing is better than car ownership.

If you’re someone who wants to be in control and maximise your financial resources whilst retaining the luxuries associated with having access to a car. And the latest model cars, then we’re confident you’ll love being a Popcar member.

You’ll have the type of confidence that leaves you feeling a tiny bit smug at your friends BBQ as everyone talks about their car debt or rego and insurance costs or how much their car has depreciated.

Here is a list of the hassles of car ownership that you’ll no longer need to worry about:

  • Going to a dealership and trying to get a good deal on a car – GONE
  • Taking your car at 7am in the morning for a service and paying the bills – GONE
  • Worrying about what your car will be worth when you come to trade it in and worrying about that negotiation – GONE
  • Parking – finding a spot, getting a permit, paying for the permit – GONE
  • Registration and insurance – finding the best deals – GONE
  • Monthly finance repayments for owning your car – GONE
  • Paying for your car every minute you own it, not for the minutes you are actually using it – GONE

Ready to take the leap into the future of car ownership?