FILL IN YOUR APPLICATION: Sign up to Popcar on our Standby plan for $0 using the link provided, this will take just 5 minutes.

REGISTRATION APPROVAL: Our Membership Experience Consultants will process your application, this will take up to 1 business day.

POPCAR MEMBER PACK: Once approved you will receive your membership login and pin number. With our updated app you will now be able to immediately make reservations and access the vehicles with our Bluetooth feature. The team will also post you a membership pack which contains an access card that helps unlock and lock the vans in the instance you can’t use Bluetooth.

We have discounted the pricing of our Toyota Hiace Commercial Vans to $50 a day with 200km included. If you only need to rent a van for an hour or two we have also reduced the hourly van hire rate to $9.90 per hour (+$40c/km).

This offer is available across all Popcar plans for a limited time only. As a Popcar member there are also no holding or cancellation fees when you sign up and we cover the cost of fuel in all of our vehicles.

Take advantage of our discounted van rental pricing today, they won’t last forever!

Terms and Conditions: This offer can’t be used in conjunction with any other discounts or promotions. After that the usage rates will return to the regular pricing. Daily rate of $50 comes with 200km included, anything over that is charged at 40c per/km. Hourly rate is a flat $9.90 per hour (+$40c/km). Anything over 10 hours will automatically be charged as the daily rate.