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Frequent Questions

What to do if another vehicle is occupying the Popcar dedicated bay? Show Answer

If you find yourself in a situation where your Popcars dedicated bay is occupied by another vehicle we ask that you please take a photo of the offending vehicle parking in our parking spot, making sure the rego is clearly seen. A photo of the parking sign and a photo of the cars windscreen (to show incorrect or lack of permit on the car to prove its not meant to be there) is even more helpful.

You can report this to the local council that you were unable to return the car through an app called ‘Snap, Send, Solve’ or alternatively you can email the council directly with these photos. Once you have done that please contact Popcar as well at with the images so that we can also have a record and then you can park the Popcar vehicle in the closest untimed and legal parking space.

If you have to park it a few blocks away that is fine, we just ask that you update the Popcar membership team as to where it is parked so we can either get maintenance to move it back the next business day or we can inform the next member with a booking. The process of heavily reporting these incidents to council means it can either prevent a parking ticket being issued to you, or can be more easily contested and dismissed.

What about Tolls? Show Answer

Any tolls that are used during your booking will be processed by our team the next business day. Toll charges may appear on a separate invoice

Can I make recurring bookings? Show Answer

Yes, recurring bookings can be made for up to a year in advance pending the car is available for all your selected times, should it not be available the booking system will propose the best alternatives for you.

Changing your membership plan Show Answer

Your membership can be changed on a monthly basis should your circumstances change and you expect to be using Popcar either more or less. Additionally subscriptions such as insurance excess reductions or carbon offset credits can also be modified monthly. Any changes will be processed the next business day. Please note billing is charged on a monthly basis, therefore changes to a subscription will not come into effect until the end of the billing cycle.

What’s included in my charges for using Popcar Show Answer

Fuel, insurance, servicing, maintenance and registration are all included in your usage charges. Road tolls, traffic/ driving infringements and parking fines are not included in your usage and are charged separately when the member holder incurs them.

How much is it to use a Popcar? Show Answer

Each time you book a Popcar you pay by the hour or by the day. If you book by the hour the cost will be the hourly rate plus $0.40 per kilometre travelled. If you book by the day, you pay the daily rate which includes 200km, any additional kilometres will cost $0.40 per kilometre (over 200kms).

How do I pay? Show Answer

All charges will debit from your credit card that is attached to your account. Charges are processed at the conclusion of your journey and our system will produce an invoice for you which is emailed to you the night of your booking. All your invoices can be viewed by logging into your member portal on our website.

The vehicle was involved in an accident and the driver isn’t a registered Popcar driver Show Answer

The only individuals permitted to drive a Popcar are those registered to a valid membership. The account holder must not allow any other person to drive a Popcar under their account. Any damage or theft to a vehicle in these circumstances is not covered under insurance and becomes the responsibility of the account holder.

Who can drive a Popcar? Show Answer

Once you have an active membership with Popcar anyone who is a registered driver on your account can drive under your membership and use Popcar. To become a member a person must have registered via our website and have submitted a copy of their valid driver’s license. Any member needs to be 18 years or older.

My license has been suspended Show Answer

It is a condition that all members maintain a valid driver’s license. If a member is to have their license suspended, driving a Popcar is no longer permitted and the membership should be cancelled to ensure no further charges are processed.

I forgot something in a Popcar. What do I do? Show Answer

Contact our Membership Experience team on (02) 9532 3078 within business hours 8.30am-5.30pm to arrange access to the vehicle if it is not being used so that you can return and retrieve your item. Alternatively, if the car is being used we will do our best to contact the driver and retrieve it. Please note any personal items taken into a vehicle are the responsibility of the individual.

The car has broken down Show Answer

All Popcar’s are maintained and checked on a weekly basis to ensure they are operating safely. However if your Popcar does breakdown, we have towing assistance that is available 24/7

NSW – Rockdale towing 02 9547 0047
ACT – All States Towing 02 6280 6996
VIC – West Melbourne Smash Repairs 03 9328 3402

The car was in an accident Show Answer

If no person is injured, collect all details from the other driver involved including as many photos as possible of both vehicles and other driver’s license and registration number. If the car is not drivable, each vehicle has towing assistance which can be called 24 hours a day. The contact number is located on back page of your in car guide, kept in the glove box.

The car has less than 25% fuel Show Answer

If this happens we apologise for the inconvenience! Each car is required to be returned to its location with at least 25% fuel. If it isn’t, please send a photo of the fuel gauge to and a Membership Consultant will follow this up with the previous user and place a penalty fee.

The car is damaged/unacceptably dirty Show Answer

At Popcar, we don’t expect or hold our members accountable for any minor superficial damages like scratch/scuff marks so no need to carefully inspect our Popcars before you use them. However, if you arrive to your Popcar and find that the car has been left in an unacceptable state, either with damage or mess. Please report it to our Membership team by calling (02) 9532 3078 or email and we can assist by making you an alternate booking and follow up the previous user.

The car isn’t in its allocated parking bay Show Answer

Your exact Popcar’s location will be displayed on the map within your booking. If it has been left unacceptably far from its actual parking bay please contact Popcar by calling team (02) 9532 3078 or email to either find an alternate vehicle or cancel your reservation without charge.

The car won’t start Show Answer

Please contact our Membership Experience team to gain assistance by either calling (02) 9532 3078 or emailing

The car won’t unlock Show Answer

Please contact our Membership Experience team to gain assistance by either calling (02) 9532 3078 or emailing

Minimum and maximum Booking times Show Answer

The minimum booking time is 1 hour and maximum is 4 days.

Can I extend a booking once my booking has begun? Show Answer

Absolutely pending the car hasn’t been booked by someone else for the period you are wanting to extend for. Either use our App on your smart phone, login to the member portal or contact our Membership team on (02) 9532 3078.

Can I change/cancel a booking? Show Answer

Yes, you can change or cancel your booking up to 3 hours prior with no penalty. Any changes made closer to your booking time can incur a charge as this can impact on other members usage of the service.

Member Portal and App Show Answer

You can manage your account through the member portal, where all your details can be maintained via logging into your account on our website. Here you can:

  • Update your contact details
  • Update your credit card information
  • Update communication preferences
  • View invoice and your account balance including any driving credit

Can my pet use Popcar too? Show Answer

Popcars are pet friendly, we just request that if your furry friend is joining you on the journey please ensure the vehicle is cleaned and ready for the next member.

Late Return Show Answer

If a member is late returning a car, they may be charged a $5 late fee. If there is another member who has been inconvenienced by a late return then the member returning their car late will receive an additional $25 fee, (total of $30). The additional $25 will be forwarded to the member who was inconvenienced as compensation. If you are repeatedly returning our vehicles late, you will receive higher penalty fees of up to $100 and have your booking privileges revoked.

Booking Cancellation / No Show Fee Show Answer

There is no cancellation fee if the reservation is cancelled more than 3 hours before the start time of the booking. Members who do not cancel their booking within these times will be charged standard rates for all hours reserved. This stops members reserving cars then cancelling at the last minute, which prevents other members from using them.

What other charges/fees am I liable for? Show Answer

On our pricing page are details of all charges a member may be liable for. Any toll fees or fines are the responsibility of the account holder in addition to usage charges. There are other charges we may impose to help keep the system working for one member to another, all are outlined on the pricing page.

What if I receive a parking/traffic infringement? Show Answer

If we receive an infringement on your behalf, a statutory declaration will be completed by Popcar and will be forwarded to you. When this happens there is an administration charge for doing so (please see other charges under Payments).

Cancelling your membership Show Answer

You are not locked into any minimum term with Popcar and if your circumstances change then you can change or cancel your membership at any stage. No more monthly fees will be paid by you pending all due payments at the time of cancelling have been made. If you need to cancel or postpone your membership contact or (02) 9532 3078 to speak to our Membership Experience team.

How to finish a journey with Popcar? Show Answer

At the conclusion of your reservation time, return the vehicle to its designated location from where you picked it up and simply lock the vehicle via the app or by tapping off with your access card and then you can walk away.

How to fuel a Popcar? Show Answer

Every Popcar has a fuel card located in a compartment near the left side of your knee when you are sitting in the driver’s seat. Fueling a Popcar is every user’s responsibility and our cars are always required to be returned at the completion of each journey with at least 25% fuel level. If under that level, the next user is required to send a photo of the fuel gauge to and a Member Consultant will follow this up with the previous user and place a penalty fee on their account.

How to start a Popcar Show Answer

Vehicles are started via a normal car key, the key will be permanently attached under the steering wheel to a pull chord. If the car uses a Smart Start system (push button start without a key) then all you need to do is put your foot on the brake and push the ‘Start/Stop button to get going.

How do I get into a Popcar? Show Answer

Once your application has been processed and you’ve been approved simply download the Popcar app from your chosen app store, login using the email address and password you used to register with. Once you have made your booking when you arrive at your Popcar you will be able to unlock the car using the Bluetooth feature on the app. You will also be provided an access card which will grant you access to our Popcar vehicles. This can be used instead of the Bluetooth feature in the instance you aren’t able to use your phone at the time of your booking. Simply hold your access card to the chip reader located on the driver’s side front window to unlock and unlock the vehicle.

How does insurance work? Show Answer

Insurance is included as part of your usage charges for each booking. There is an excess you are liable for should it be determined that you were in an at fault accident. However we do have an Insurance excess option which you may choose to add to your account at any time that reduces your excess.

How do I book a Popcar? Show Answer

It’s very easy, you can use our app or online member portal to locate the vehicle you want to book and follow the prompts. Alternatively you can call our friendly Membership Team (02) 9532 3078  and we can make the booking for you. You’ll receive a booking notification either by email or SMS (depending on what you have set as your communication preference).

What license do I need? Show Answer

A valid Australian or International driver’s license, must be P2 license and above.

Pick a Membership Plan Show Answer

Pick the right plan for you based on how much you will use the service. We recommend Often 4+ trips per month, Occasional 2-3 trips per month and Standby and complete your application form. All our plans have no lock in contracts and our Stand By Plan has no monthly fees. If you need help choosing the right plan use our calculator to find out which plan suits you best. Selection Tool

How do I start using a Popcar? Show Answer

Popcar is a membership based car share service. So step one is to become a member by going through our registration process and providing your details, licence information and credit card details.

How do I become a member? Show Answer

t’s easy to become a member with Popcar and only takes a few minutes online or our friendly Membership Experience team can help you over the phone on (02) 9532 3078.
To register you’ll need:

  1. To supply your details including phone number and email
  2. Drivers licence details
  3. Visa or Mastercard

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