For many of us, being able to access a car is essential. Whether it’s to get to work, or to escape on weekends, having a car can mean freedom. But the cost of this freedom can be very high. Aside from the immediate cost of purchasing a car, there’s the cost of registration, insurance, stamp duty, servicing and fuel. All this adds up fast, regardless of how much you use your car. This is why car sharing is becoming a popular alternative to owning a car, and initiatives like Popcar are changing the face of mobility.

With Popcar car sharing, you can use a car whenever you need it, and you only pay for the amount you use. Popcar is one of the first car sharing initiatives in Australia. Making the process of car sharing super easy, by offering you control, flexibility, and easy access to a fleet of high quality, sustainable cars.

Car sharing has a multitude of advantages, and the near instant access to cars in cities has helped catalyse the success of this format of vehicle sharing. Another reason that car sharing is gaining a reputation of being a practical and pleasurable way to get around cities, is in part due to the vehicles themselves. The cars are regularly serviced and updated, meaning you can be confident the car you are driving is safe and reliable. Fleets owned by Popcar car sharing initiatives are able to be more frequently updated, and as a result are often more fuel efficient as they can have newer batteries and parts.

Sharing fleets, including that owned by Popcar, usually include a variety of electric and hybrid vehicles, all with keyless entry – meaning that you can step into the driver’s seat, press a button, and glide off into the city in silence. The relative rarity of electric vehicles in most countries, means that it can be seen as a novelty to drive an electric vehicle.

Popcar also contain a variety of vehicle sizes to suit the needs of users. This way, you can use a van one day, and a small car the next if you need to. Popcar almost always have exclusive parking rights in the local cities in which they operate, meaning you don’t have to worry about finding a park, and you don’t have to pay for parking.

Car sharing is a wonderful incentive for city-dwellers to fully take advantage of all the transportation options available, without having to resort to buying a car