By September 7 all of our new vans will have officially been installed into their Pop spots across our regions and will be available to be reserved for any trips! The reason we love these vans so much is that not only do they have maximum space and convenience but they offer exceptional safety, technology and driver comfort for our whole Popcar community.

Our Popcar Toyota Hiace vans are the perfect option for you if you ever need to move house, as they are much cheaper than having to hire removalists or rental trucks and with plenty of room in the boot it will reduce the amount of trips you’d have to do in comparison to a regular vehicle.

Although perfect for moving day, that’s not all that you can use our vans for! To give you a hand with some ideas, we’ve pulled together a list of things that we think would be mighty fun to do in a Popcar van when lockdown restrictions ease once again. 


Looking to get away for the weekend but don’t want to fork out the money for expensive accommodation? Why not hire one of our vans, deck it out with some comfy bedding and go on an adventure! Set yourself up for the night in one of the many beautiful campsites that we are lucky to be blessed with in Australia.


Some of our regions are lucky enough to have their very own Drive-in Cinemas to enjoy for a special outing with loved ones. Next date night why not reserve one of our Popcar vans to take to the drive-in, open up the back and get cosy in your own little outdoor bed set up. It’s the perfect option for when the weather starts to cool down!


Not everyone wants to hike for an hour or more to see an amazing lookout spot, so if you’re short on time or you just want to go and check out a gorgeous view without the effort, then why not book a van! Pack yourself a delicious picnic and then find yourself a stunning lookout spot that you can drive right up to. Why not bring along your furry friend as well, there’s plenty of room for them to be safely transported alongside your tasty picnic treats.


With the extra space in the boot comes the opportunity for so many fun outdoor activities! So if it’s a gorgeous day outside and you feel like getting active, why not call a friend, book a van and chuck your favourite surfboards or bikes in the back and go on an adventure. Don’t need to worry about roof racks or putting down any seats to fit in your gear, our vans make the travel a breeze so you can get out and about faster.


Who doesn’t love shopping!? Well you can absolutely shop ‘til you drop with a Popcar commercial van. Whether you’re in the mood to shop for furniture at IKEA, on the hunt for some new plants for the house at Bunnings or just want to do some serious damage in your local mall, our vans can accompany you there and help you transport everything back home with ease.


Do you work in the field of content creation? Our vans are the perfect partner to assist you in filming or shooting gorgeous content for your business. We currently have a lot of members that run businesses that involve photography, videography and bloggers/influencers creating content for their various channels. We’ve received testimonials from two of our current members to give you their feedback on what they think about our Popcar vans.

“As a freelancer in the creative industry I often find myself needing extra storage for equipment on shoots which is why I appreciate Popcar Commercial Van hire so much.  It allows me to do what I do in an affordable and sustainable way where I don’t need to buy and maintain my own van!” – Luke Marriott Visuals

“Totally enjoyed the experience right from the start. We had great customer service, the van was brand new and clean with the new technology/features and had all we needed. Have no hesitation in recommending a Popcar van and would use again.” – Antoni Lee from AL Production

“It was my first time driving a van so I was a bit nervous, but the Popcar van was so easily to drive, it felt just like driving a regular car around. It was really modern and clean and had loads of space at the back to fit all our stuff in it!” – The Adelaidian 

Our vans can be used for so many fun adventures and we’d love to see you get creative with yours when we can once again move freely! Don’t forget to tag us on your socials on your next one so we can re-share on our own channels (we’ve popped our handles below for you).

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