Australians have faced a tough year so far in 2020, with the horrible bush fires that tore apart communities over the summer, regions severely affected by drought and of course the COVID-19 pandemic that is still having a massive impact on our everyday lives.

Popcar has seen the tremendous strain that these experiences were having not only on our members and loved ones but also our communities that we are so lucky to be a part of.

As a community-based car sharing service, we recognised that there was a role for us to play in supporting Australians, so we offered our unique services of easily accessible vehicles to GIVIT a national not-for-profit connecting those who have with those who need, in a private and safe way.

GIVIT are an amazing organisation in Australia who work tirelessly to alleviate poverty in Australia and make sure people devastated by disaster get exactly what they need to recover. They also want to make it really easy for their donors, like us at Popcar, to have the greatest possible impact.

After we offered our support to their current disaster appeals we were contacted by a lovely woman Angelica Tremblay from a local Sydney not-for-profit group who was in need of help to move boxes of warm clothing down to the Quaama bushfire relief.

The valley on the Far South Coast of NSW is really starting to feel the chill as winter approaches and the already awful situation they have faced from the bushfires and losing their homes has become even more grim.

Many of the locals are living in temporary or unsuitable accommodation like tents on their properties and the buffer they originally had of community events, rebuilding efforts and in-person therapy has also largely vanished due to the effects of the coronavirus.

This wonderfully kind gesture from Angelica’s not-for-profit group has come not a moment too soon to support this community that has been facing a more significant hardship than most and we are grateful that we could be involved even just in the small way of providing a van for them to transport the donated jackets and warm clothing to the ones who need it most.

Thank you to the Popcar Team,

For making this happen. The lady with the box is our connection in Quaama Veronica Abbott Bushfire relief co-ordinator. So many men will be warm tonight. Thank you once again for being our angels of mercy with your vehicle. We could not have reached out with hands of Grace and mercy with out you. I am so proud and thankful for your kindness. You have impacted probably over 200 people in this region. Thank you with all of heart. Makes me weep to see what we have achieved we are only a teaspoon in the ocean of need and you helped us become a steam train of love. Thank you so much once again.


Angelica Tremblay

UPDATE: Since our original assistance in May, Popcar has provided vehicles for another two trips for the not for profit group totaling in over 2,000km’s of travel. More essential items like warm clothing, fresh fruit and vegetables and blankets have now been delivered to bushfire affected regions like Quaama and Bellangry.

We look forward to continuing to work with GIVIT and doing what we can to help the Australian’s out there that are doing it tough during these trying times.