It’s an exciting time for Popcar members and non-members alike with the launch of our brand new App, Member Portal and Registration pages!

Across all platforms you will find a refreshed and modern take on our branding, increased functionality and user friendly systems and processes and a great deal of new and exciting features.

So what’s exactly different?


With the steady growth of Popcar we wanted to create an app to reflect that and we believe we have achieved this with our sleek and modern app that will make the lives of our members easier! We’ve listed all of our exciting features in our brand new app below:

  • Ease of Reserving a Vehicle – We wanted to keep the method of reserving a vehicle on our new app as simple as our previous one so the process remains similar. However members will discover an improved functionality and overall more user friendly system.
  • Clearer Booking Information – To help better identify a Popcar we have now introduced clearing booking information when members reserve one of our vehicles. What this means is that members can now see the exact registration details of the car they are booking, along with the type of car they will be reserving. This will make it easier for members to locate and find a Popcar.
  • Vehicle Availability – Members now have the ability to see if a vehicle is available before and during their booking. This means that if members wish to extend their booking with a Popcar they can see if the vehicle is available and for how long they can extend the booking till. 
  • Feedback – Members can now give feedback directly from the app and straight to our Popcar support team.
  • Remaining Time Countdown – When a member books a Popcar, a countdown will now be available in the app to notify how much time they have left of their booking and know how long they have left before they need to return their Popcar to its designated spot.
  • Reservation History – Members can now view their reservation history on their account, including the distance travelled on each trip they have taken and how much the trip cost them. This will be extremely helpful for members to be able to better budget any future trips they are planning with Popcar.
  • Travel Templates – Our new app makes it simple for members to create templates for repeat bookings. What this means is that if a member had a weekly activity like a gym class or university tutorial that they would need a Popcar for every week they are able to create a booking template to pick the car/location you would like every week along with the day and duration.
  • Information Accessibility – Links will also be available for members to easily access details on the Popcar website like pricing and our different membership options.

To use our new app members must first delete our old app, then the new version of the app will be available to download and operate!

To make our app launch even more exciting, we will be offering any member who downloads and reviews our app online a chance to win one of 5 $50 Popcar driving credits. We’d love to know what you think! Download the app from the Apple App Store HERE or for Android HERE.


Once logged in to the Popcar Membership Portal members will notice an array of exciting new features in our new and improved platform. These fresh features will make the process of booking a Popcar or updating their account details considerably more straightforward and trouble-free. New features include:

  • Interactive Map – An interactive map display is now available for members to use so they can see exactly where our Popcar vehicles are located before reserving them.
  • Vehicle Availability – Similar to the app, members will have the ability to see when a vehicle is available now and into the future so they are able to plan their Popcar adventures around it.
  • Improved Member Account Information – Another big change our members will notice is an improved customer experience with their account information. This includes being able to view your invoices, credits and past booking history. We also have added in members Popcar access card information so they are able to see what active access cards are allocated to their account.
  • Vehicle Type Overview – An overview of our selection of Popcar vehicles is now available for members to peruse in the member portal. This includes the vehicle make and model and how much it would cost on each plan for the hourly and daily rate.
  • Price Calculator – We also have a price calculator available for members to help estimate the cost of their Popcar adventure by simply inputting the time required, vehicle category and planned mileage to calculate the cost of their trip.
  • Reservation History – Members can also view their reservation history, distance travelled in Popcar trips and the exact cost associated with these past bookings in the member portal.
  • Templates – Along with in the app members will also have the ability to create booking templates in the member portal.


For our non-members the process of signing up to Popcar remains nice and simple only now with new and improved branding and better functionality. One difference we have implemented into the process of signing up to Popcar is making the eligibility requirements to register to Popcar more clear to our non-members. The first step to sign up to Popcar will now require interested parties to answer two mandatory questions before they can proceed through the registration process and become a Popcar member. This will help our membership team ensure that all non-members are eligible before completing the full registration process.

We have been working hard behind the scenes to implement the sensational new features across our Popcar platforms and hope that it makes the member experience seamless and significantly more enjoyable!

Don’t forget about our app review competition – download the app from the Apple App Store HERE or for Android HERE, review our brand new app and go into the draw to win a chance to win one of 5 $50 Popcar driving credits.

Happy driving!