Brand New Features Included in App Update

As a new month rolls around so does some exciting new additions to our Popcar app. These new features have been added into the app to make the lives of our members just that little bit easier every time that they reserve one of our cars.

The new features in the brand new update are as follows:

Report Occupied Bay

Across all of our Popcar regions we have been noticing a rising trend of regular vehicles parking in our dedicated car sharing bays. We have found that because of the ever-growing amounts of cars on our roads that parking is becoming increasingly difficult to find in a lot of the busy inner city areas, hence why a lot of people are now parking in our dedicated car share bays. This is a frustrating situation for all of our members and if you do find yourself in a similar predicament to police this issue we do ask you to please adhere to the following steps:

  1. Park your Popcar in the closest untimed and legal parking space – this means a space that doesn’t have any parking time restrictions on the signage on the street;
  2. Then go to our app and in the drop down menu you will notice a new tab ‘Report occupied Popcar bay’, click on this and a new window will open;
  3. Please fill in your details, what street you have left the Popcar on and upload a picture of the exact location;
  4. These details will then automatically be sent through to our Membership Experience Consultants who will then arrange someone from our maintenance team to move the cars back to their dedicated bays.

PLEASE NOTE it is extremely important if you do find our dedicated bays full at the time of returning, you must park it in the closest untimed AND legal parking space that you can find. This allows our maintenance team the time to go and move the car and it means that you won’t receive a fine from the council for not following parking rules.

View and Submit Vehicle Damages

Another new feature we’ve added into this new update is the capacity to view existing damages to specific Popcar vehicles directly from your ongoing reservation page on the app. This is a handy tool for our members to have as they can see in real time whether there are any major damages on their reserved vehicles that have already been reported and are known to Popcar.

This features provides our members with an extra level of security when using our vehicles so that they know exactly what to expect each time they get into a Popcar and allows you to start your booking with no fuss.

If you do notice something that is damaged on the vehicle that hasn’t been reported we have a handy ‘Report Damage’ button that will dial directly out to our Membership Experience Consultants. Over the phone you can then report the damage directly to the team and they will add in the details so that they will appear in the Damage Report for future members using the vehicle.

Although we have added this feature into our app we don’t expect our members to spend too much time inspecting our vehicles for damage as we understand that our vehicles will incur normal everyday wear and tear overtime. It’s only in the instance that you notice any major damages that this new tool will be useful for our members to make any necessary reports!

Along with the two new feature additions, a diverse range of improvements to usability and bug fixes have been achieved in this recent update to the Popcar app.

If you have noticed anything that you think could use improving on or have any app related suggestions in general, please feel free to reach out to our Membership Experience Consultants and we’ll look into it for our next update. You can reach the team via or give us a buzz on 1300 707 227.