Why choose a Car Hire in Mosman

With its busy suburban streets and stunning vistas, the best way to explore the Mosman area is by hiring a car share. It is significantly less expensive to rent a car from a network of registered vehicles than to hire a rental company. This is because car share swaps ownership for access, and gives you the use of thousands of vehicle types across Sydney’s North Shore area. A car share membership allows you to rent a car when and where it’s most convenient for you, for a low monthly fee and with flexible membership options. Renting a car can save you from paying out of pocket in terms of petrol prices and car upkeep.

Convenient locations to choose from

At Popcar, we pride ourselves on providing you with the most effortless journey possible. As a result, our Popcar vehicles in Mosman are located close to accessible amenities including trains and bus stations. This means you can hire a car a few minutes walk away from you, and drive directly where you need to go.

Save on car costs

Popcar’s car shares in Mosman can be rented for as little as one hour up to four days. You can opt to pay by the hour or pay by the day, without having to deal with a confusing combination of hourly and daily charges. We also have three flexible monthly plans available, each designed to cater to your travel requirements- “Often”, “Occasional” and “Standby”. Costs of registration, insurance, servicing, maintenance, cleaning and fuel are included in your monthly plan.

Why Choose Popcar?

  • No lock in contracts or holding fees
  • All fuel included
  • Access to any Popcar vehicle whenever you need
  • When you arrive at your Popcar vehicle after you have booked, you can use the Bluetooth feature on the Popcar app to access and unlock the vehicle.

How to Join Popcar

  • Step 1: Choose a plan the benefits your needs
  • Step 2: Choose your vehicle, book in your time
  • Step 3: Find your vehicle and access it via the Bluetooth feature in our Popcar app (keys or a push button start)
  • Step 4: Drive away!

A valid driver’s license P2 or higher, as well as a valid Visa or MasterCard, are required in order to rent a Popcar car hire in Mosman. You will need to provide a proof of address if your license is not current or if you hold an international license.

If you have any questions about our booking process, don’t hesitate to contact our Membership Experience Consultants team. We’ll be happy to assist you.