Why choose a Car Hire in Glebe

As a suburb, Glebe has plenty to offer in terms of public amenities and things to do. For young professionals, it’s a convenient suburb to live in, only being 15 minutes away from the Sydney CBD by public transport. For families, have access to many schools including Wentworth Park. The suburb is also safe to live in with plenty of quiet streets and greenery.

It’s most likely, you have a registered Popcar vehicle only a few minutes away from your location.

By renting from a network of registered vehicles, it is less expensive than hiring from a rental company. When it comes to saving for the long-term, a car share membership with Popcar allows you to:

Convenient locations to choose from

Dotted with federation houses and Victorian homes, Glebe is a hub of activity. Due to its close proximity to the city, harbour and the University of Sydney, the suburb has a plethora of cafes, the Glebe markets, boutique shops to explore as well as access to public transport, including busses and trains. Despite the hum and drum of the city life just minutes away, Glebe continues to maintain its village-like atmosphere. despite the hum drum of city life just minutes away. So what’s the best way to explore these hidden old-world pubs and eclectic street corners? Obtaining a car rental in Glebe is the most efficient way to explore.

With Popcar vehicles parked in convenient locations across the suburb, you can guarantee a hassle-free experience.

All you have to do is find your vehicle and access it via the Bluetooth feature in our Popcar app and drive away!