Popcar Car Share is a membership-based car sharing service committed to providing a more sustainable and cost effective way for drivers to access cars on an hourly or daily basis across Australia. Popcar has partnered with IKEA Canberra to install two brand new Toyota Hiace Commercial Vans on site to help customers transport any goods purchased in store. Through this partnership customers have access to an exclusive Popcar membership which includes:

  • Van rental from just $50 a day (200km included) or $9.90 per hour (+$40c/km);
  • No joining fees;
  • No monthly subscription fees;
  • No holding or cancellation fees;
  • Fuel is included.

So if your vehicle isn’t big enough or you don’t have a car to move your brand new IKEA furniture back home then why not try out our Popcar vans! Read on below to find out how to sign up to our exclusive plan for IKEA customers and how exactly to access one of our Popcar vans at IKEA Canberra … 



It is super simple to join and will just take a few minutes! Follow the steps below and you’ll be a Popcar member before you know it:

  1. FILL IN YOUR APPLICATION: Click the JOIN NOW button above and complete the application. 
  2. DOWNLOAD THE POPCAR APP: Once you’ve filled out your Popcar application, please download the Popcar app. Available in the Apple App Store HERE or for Android devices via the Google Play Store HERE. Once downloaded you will be prompted to upload your licence for validation by the Popcar membership team. Please ensure you upload a clear image of the front and back of your licence along with a licence selfie (a picture of you holding your licence for verification purposes).
  3. CONFIRM EMAIL ADDRESS: You will also receive an email from Popcar asking you to confirm your email address for your Popcar account, we ask that you please do this to complete the full application process.
  4. REGISTRATION APPROVAL: Once you have successfully completed the steps above please contact Popcar directly on 1300 707 227 between 8.30am – 10pm to verify your licence and push through your application immediately. 
  5. READY TO GO: If approved your account will be activated and you’ll be able to reserve the Popcar vans at IKEA Canberra via your phone using our apps Bluetooth feature. If you don’t have Bluetooth you can pick up a membership pack from the IKEA Service Team which contains an access card (which can be used in place of the Bluetooth capabilities). For the full terms and conditions of the Popcar Membership for IKEA customers please refer to the information below.



Book your Popcar – Log into the Popcar app and use your current location to find the two Popcar vans at IKEA Canberra. Select the van you would like to use and from there select the start and return date for how long you’ll need to use the van, whether you want to offset the carbon for your journey or reduce the insurance excess liability and then accept the rental terms to finalise booking your vehicle. Please note the exclusive membership for IKEA customers allows you to reserve a van for a maximum of one day only.

Unlock and drive – Look at the number plate of the van you have reserved and go stand at the driver side door. From there you can unlock the vehicle using your phone Bluetooth via our app and then you are ready to start your journey. Alternatively if you don’t have Bluetooth tap on the chip reader on the windscreen with your blue Popcar access card to enter your reserved vehicle. The keys will be on a pulley device next to the steering wheel, these are to remain here permanently.

ReturnOnce your trip is complete, return the Popcar to where you picked it up from in the IKEA Canberra car park. Please ensure you have locked the vehicle either via the app or tap off with your access card and you’re all done.

If you have any further questions on how to use our Popcar vans please contact our friendly Membership team 1300 707 227 or at membership@popcar.com.au.

Terms and Conditions: Only the two IKEA vans are available to use on this exclusive membership. There is a maximum of one day use only on this subscription to allow the successful sharing of these vans to all IKEA Canberra customers. If you do wish to utilise other Popcar vehicles once signed up please contact our membership team to discuss moving onto another membership plan.