Stable and comfortable both empty and loaded, the Toyota HiAce LWB makes the perfect car share toyota van for city runarounds, moving interstate or for industrial estates.

Easy to maneuver and boasting a comfortable two-seater interior, the toyota van is certainly a step-up from a u-haul in terms of versatility, refinement and anyone trading in the old model.

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Our Car Share Toyota Van: HiAce LWB (Petrol or Diesel Automatic)

As Australia’s most popular vehicle choice for delivery, service vans and tucker trucks, how does the following rental Toyota van compare to its larger counterparts?

As one of our more versatile car shares in our Toyota van range, the vehicle offers a long wheelbase length, matched with ample space for storage and a low roof. The rental Toyota van also provides a choice of six-speed auto, along with the expected option of a turbo-petrol four-cylinder engine.

The interior layout is fairly simple, with the cargo box featuring a painted metal floor, six tie-down points, particle board lower side panelling and a lioned roof- ideal if you’re transporting fragile cargo.

As a car share, the automatic HiAce transmission model couldn’t be easier to run around in. If you’re operating in slippery conditions, the following Toyota van has the ability to shift gears manually, and doesn’t feature ‘snatichiness’ at low speeds being a torque converter auto.

For light loads and driving in mostly urban traffic the HiAce is recorded 10.6L/100km against its 8.2L/100km. Usage varies depending on heavy peak runs or highway runs, and what you haul on a daily basis. Total cargo capacity is rated at 6.2m³, and with an Aussie pallet measuring 1165mm by 1165mm- enough space to fit two if you can load them.

Toyota Van: HiAce LWB (Petrol or Diesel Automatic)

In terms of safety and maneuverability, the following car share Toyota van gets a five-star rating.

As expected of our Toyota car shares, safety technology is first class. Toyota’s HiAce range features an autonomous emergency braking (AEB) including pedestrian and cyclist detection, speed sign recognition, lane-departure warning, auto high-beam, blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, seven airbags, reversing camera and parking sensors front and rear.

Meanwhile, the vehicle’s rear leaf springs cope well with a heavy load, but even unladen, the HiAce sits central on the road. As a result, the HiAce is resistant to bounces, and skips over bumps and corrugations.

The steering itself boasts a hydraulic system. While it lends to some extra weight, it makes this vehicle a breeze when tackling tighter moves. As the front wheels don’t have to put power down, (the HiAce range is rear-wheel drive) the turning circle is a tight 11.0 metres- impressive with a vehicle boasting a 3210mm wheelbase.

Key details: Toyota HiAce LWB petrol or diesel automatic

  • Engine: 2.8-litre four-cylinder turbo petrol or diesel engine
  • Power: 130kW @ 3400rpm
  • Fuel tank: size 70L
  • Torque: 450Nm @ 1600-2400rpm
  • Weight: 2220kg
  • Drive type: Rear-wheel-drive
  • Transmission: Six-speed automatic
  • Power to weight ratio: 8.6kW/t
  • Doors: 4 doors, 2 seats
  • Tow rating: 1500kg (braked)
  • Boot volume: 6200L
  • Length: 5265mm
  • Width: 1950mm
  • Height: 1990mm
  • Turning circle: 11m

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*5 Yr, Unltd KMs Warranty

5/5 star (ANCAP safety rating 2019)