Popcar Car Share is a membership-based car sharing service committed to providing a more sustainable and cost effective way for drivers to access cars on an hourly or daily basis. It’s designed to replace the need to own a car or purchase a second car by giving you all the benefits, without the cost and hassles.

We provide a better service to our members through an immaculate and well-maintained premium fleet of vehicles, exceptional Membership Experience, no holding fees or lock in contracts, highly competitive rates and our members only pay for what they actually use. Plus, we give them peace of mind knowing they have saved money and helped reduce the impact on the environment!

Our vehicles are located in their own dedicated bays in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Byron Bay – you can check out the locations via our app. All cars must be picked up and returned back to the assigned bays.


At Popcar we are on a mission to build a community of like-minded people who are as passionate about car sharing as we are. That is why we are on the hunt to find amazing individuals to join our team and help further spread the word of Popcar to a new and exciting audience.

We want our ambassadors to experience Popcar first hand and get to know the brand on an intimate level so that you can share real and honest views on our service. We outlined what exactly is involved in our Popcar Perks Program and the benefits you receive in our initial message, if you have any questions please contact our marketing team directly. Below we have popped some guidelines on creating content for Popcar.


When creating content for Popcar we love for our Brand Ambassadors to be as creative as possible and by the end of each month, we will reach out to you for your content, whether or not it is a photo or video. We’d love at least two images, one image must feature just you as an individual or can also include friends and loved ones. These will be featured on our social media channels. We also require 1 x static post per Popcar journey each month to remain eligible for out Brand Ambaassador Program. Stories posted during your adventures to show how you use our cars are also great.
There are also a few guidelines to follow below. 

  • Natural images we love for any images provided to us to appear natural and not too forced or posed. These images can feature just you as an individual or can also include friends and loved ones.
  • Popcar Logo on your static Popcar posts we ask that with any imagery of our vehicles you are able to clearly see the Popcar logo on the car.
  • Restrictions whilst using our vehicles and creating content we just ask that you provide images of safe driving, no drinking alcohol, not standing or sitting on our vehicles and clothed etc.
  • Lifestyle shots we love the shots of our Brand Ambassadors with our vehicles and enjoy the general lifestyle shots our ambassadors take whilst on their adventures. We do feature these styles of images on our own social media channels so would love to also include yours as well.
  • A short sentence on where you took Popcar.
  • Tag us @popcar_carsharing and #PopcarBA.
  • Provide a Google review.

At the end of your Popcar adventure, please send all imagery and copy to membership@popcar.com.au (please do not submit your content via social media platforms).

Failure to provide content as per the guidelines will result in ceasing your BA perks with Popcar.

Need some ideas? Check out our Instagram page HERE where we feature all of our Popcar Brand Ambassadors.


  • We require 1 x static post per Popcar journey each month to remain eligible for our Brand Ambassador Program. Stories posted during your adventures to show how you use our cars are also great. In return you will receive the monthly agreed upon comped trips and content created and shared with us will be featured across Popcars social media channels.
  • Popcar covers the cost of fuel.
  • Majority of our Popcar vehicles have their own dedicated bays that you must both pick up and return to at the conclusion of your booking. Some may be in floating bays (this will be stated within the Popcar app) and must be returned as close to the specified location within the app.
  • Insurance is included however there is an excess you are liable for should it be determined that you were in an at fault accident. However we do have an insurance excess add on that you can choose when making your booking that would reduce any costs to $1,000-$1,500 – this is $2.50 per hour, capped at $25 a day.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate contacting our team at membership@popcar.com.au. Otherwise we look forward to having you as a part of our Popcar family.

Terms and conditions: Maximum value of $270 each month provided with 600km included. Anything driven over the included 600km will be charged at 40 cents per/km. The driving credit also doesn’t cover the cost of tolls or any traffic infringements.