We are breaking down the costs of how much you would save if you made the switch to car sharing over traditional car ownership.

A small car owner will spend on average between $700 – $900 for things like loan repayments, registration, insurance, membership, fuel, servicing and tyres per month. This adds up to around $8-11K a year. Larger cars like a RAV4 or C-HR the cost jumps up exponentially. Expect to pay anything from $900 – $1.2K a month and up to $14K annually*.

Compare that to car sharing, with Popcar Car Share you cut out the costs that are associated with traditional car ownership like maintenance, insurance, servicing and fuel, you only pay for what you actually use. Let’s break it down on our Toyota Corolla (City Hatch) Popcars which is the vehicle type available in our four dedicated bays in the City of Stonnington:

To break it down even further if you were to do a one hour errand to do some groceries and you drive max 20km for the round trip it would be $13.50 for the hour ($5.50 per hour + 40c per/km). Or a day trip from South Yarra to Mount Martha is about 160km for the round trip plus a few extra kms to do some exploring whilst you’re there is just $59 for the day (our daily rate tariff comes with 200km included so there would be no extra spend on kms for this trip).

If you are someone that only needs to access a car every now and then, or you already have a car but need a second for the odd errand, it is clear that switching to Popcar would save you money. Until August 31 you can also sign up to our service with no joining fees, pay no monthly membership fees ever and also have access to our best and lowest rates. PLUS we are gifting all new members with $100 to put towards their first journeys on our brand new vehicles in the City of Stonnington region. Curious about where our first four locations are in the area? We have secured spots in the following locations:

Green Street, Windsor (The final angle park before Thomas St);
Elizabeth Street Car Park, South Yarra (Use Lara Street entry and the bay is the closest non-DDA parking space to market entry);
Rockley Road, South Yarra (First parking space on left travelling northbound);
Tivoli Street, South Yarra (First parking space on left travelling northbound).

With no upfront costs, what have you got to lose? Read on to find out how to become a member.


It’s easy to become a member with Popcar and only takes a few minutes, simple click the JOIN NOW button and follow the prompts to sign up to the Popcar Promotion subscription, or one of our friendly Membership Experience team can help you over the phone on 1300 707 227. To successfully complete your application please ensure you confirm your email address and validate your licence within the Popcar app. Applications can take up to one business day to process.


If approved the driving credit from this offer can be found in your Popcar apps ‘Discount Code Manager’ within your profile. When you are ready to redeem this offer, make your reservation and on the final page you will see the ‘Redeem discount code’ button.  There you can select the discount code in your wallet and it will be added onto your journey to reduce your total costs. This code is valid for 6 months and can be used over multiple bookings.

Popcar recommends staying up to date with restrictions in your area and consulting government rulings before planning any travel. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate contacting our Membership Experience Consultants on 1300 707 227 or at membership@popcar.com.au.

*Terms & Conditions: This offer is for new members only. Drivers must be P2 and above to be eligible to join Popcar. No holding fees or lock in contracts. Maximum value of $100, anything driven over this amount will be charged at 40 cents per/km. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions or discounts and can’t be exchanged for cash. The offer will be available only until August 31. Driving credit will be valid for 6 months from joining date. *Statistics all come from RACV’s Vehicle Running Costs in 2021.