Popcar Car Share is a membership-based car sharing service committed to providing a more sustainable and cost effective way for drivers to access cars on an hourly or daily basis across Australia. Located in their own dedicated bays, our array of premium vehicles are available to reserve for as little as 1 hour up to 4 days. Our memberships offer no holding fees and you can cancel at any time so it is the perfect mode of transport for you if you are on holidays without a vehicle.

As a guest of your accommodation you have access to an exclusive joining offer where you can sign up for just $1 and have access to our best usage rates, in line with our Often plan. We also have an exciting discount program for guests so our flexible and easy transport options are even more ideal for you to use during your stay!

The way our discount program works is that the more that you use our service to travel whilst in town the more that you save. If you book one of our handy Popcars for one day you will get 10% off the hourly and daily rate, two days get 20% off, three days get 30 % off and four days to receive 40% off. This is the perfect way to help you explore whilst on your vacation and not be hit with a car rental bill that costs the earth.

It is super simple to join and will just take a few minutes! Just follow the steps below and you’ll be a Popcar member before you know it:

1. Register by clicking the “JOIN NOW” button.
2. Pick up a membership pack once you’ve joined from your hotel reception. This pack will contain your access card which you will need to access your Popcar. If they are not available please contact Popcar and enquire about remote access.
3. Contact Popcar on 1300 707 227 between 8.30am – 10pm to have your account and access card activated. 

4. Download our App. Available on IOS and Android App store.
5. Make a booking by selecting your chosen vehicle and the start/finish times.
6. Arrive to your Popcar, tap on using your access card and drive away!
7. Once your booking concludes, just return the Popcar to its dedicated bay, tap off and walk away.

To find out more about using our service whilst on holidays or how to redeem our discount program please contact our friendly Membership team 1300 707 227 or at