Want to win nearly $500 worth of sustainable travel for the week?

Have you ever dreamt about abandoning the burdens of car ownership and all the associated costs for a more sustainable stress free life?

Well dream no more! This month Popcar are running a ‘Give up Your Car’ competition where one lucky Byron Bay local will experience a week without traditional car ownership.

We won’t leave you and high and dry though, instead we will provide you with a whopping FOUR alternative options for travel that are kinder on the environment and your wallet.

So what’s included in this competition? Well the lucky winner will receive a prize totalling nearly $500:

  • A FREE Popcar Membership with 3 days’ worth of driving credit (to the total value of $95 a day with 100km included*);
  • An Electric Bike reservation for two full days (7:30am – 7:30pm) from Sunshine Cycles;
  • A Weekly Freedom Pass for unlimited 7 day travel with Blanch’s.

Interested? Enter your details below to go into the draw to win this epic experience. Winner will be drawn April 6 and contacted directly.

Enter Your Details Here:

Why are we doing this competition though you may ask? One of the missions for Popcar overall as a brand is to shift the supply and demand of vehicles towards the minimum necessity, rather than manufacturing cars to just sit in a driveway. We think that car sharing is a great alternative to this very common issue that happens all across Australia.

Popcar also encourages car substitutes for journeys in which a car is not required, like using an e-bike on those small trips to the shops or on your trip to work that has a convenient bus route.

These small changes are a step in the right direction, and are helping our cities become cleaner, safer, and more enjoyable places to live.

If you have any questions or want to know more about Popcar you can reach our friendly Membership Experience Consultants at membership@popcar.com.au or phone them on 1300 707 227.

*Prize covers up to 100km, anything over this will come at an extra cost 25c per km.