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How it works?

Once you have selected the membership plan suited to you, simply make a quick reservation via the website or app and you can be on the road in no time at all.

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Book online, via our app or by calling membership services.


Arrive at your vehicle and gain entry by using your Popcar Access card.

Start Using

Just like any other vehicle start the engine and you're away.

Extend your reservation

If the vehicle is available for a continued period and you would like to extend your reservation our app makes it very easy with the click of a button.


When you're finished, return your Popcar to its designated location where you picked it up from. No parking hassles anymore.


Payment for usage is simply applied to the credit card attached to your account when your booking is completed.

Why Popcar?

Popcar is about challenging inferior traditional concepts about personal mobility and making things better. Through leading technology we want to redefine what and how a journey during daily life can be.

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We want to redefine the way Australia moves around, to redefine what it is to take a Journey. As a member with Popcar, you'll get to be part of it.

Popcar is about:


Bring control and flexibility into the way you live. Use what you need, when you need it without traditional vehicle ownership constraints, financial burdens and environmental guilt.


Providing a modern, technologically advanced and stylish service system.

Being Delightful

Our pursuit is to make the journey as enjoyable as the destination.

Being Purposeful

Making things better than they are now.

Popcar is for you if you are:

  • Someone who wants to be in control
  • Wanting to maximise your financial resources. Car ownership is expensive, and by either investing a substantial sum into a depreciating asset or taking on a substantial debt, those are resources that you can't use in other parts of your life.
  • Wanting the flexibility of deciding how your journey takes place when you want it
  • Wanting to always make your journey in the latest vehicles on offer – not having to wait 5 years until your lease expires

With Popcar you retain all of the benefits and advantages of car ownership without any of the hassles:

  • Going to a dealership and trying to get a good deal on a car – GONE
  • Taking your car at 7 in the morning for its service and paying the bills – GONE
  • Worrying about what your car will be worth when you come to trade it in and worrying about that negotiation – GONE
  • Parking – finding a spot, getting a permit, paying for the permit – GONE
  • Registration and insurance – finding the best deals – GONE
  • Monthly finance repayments for owning your car – GONE
  • Paying for your car every minute you own it, not for the minutes you are actually using it – GONE

Your New Future with Popcar:

No finance payments, no debt, no commitment.

Servicing, cleaning, registration, insurance, maintenance – it's all taken care of for you, not by you.

Get to pay for what you use when you use it.

Not compromising by buying just one type of car, but rather having use of 8 different makes and models. A hatch when you want to move around the city, an SUV when you want more space and a sporty car when you're in the mood.

Why car sharing?

The exciting attribute of Car Sharing is that it makes sense and works on every level. It's better for the individual, better for the local community, better for the city and better for our environmental resources. Car sharing is about making better use of resources.

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It's taking advantage of the technology available to us and breaking from the old way we saw for having access to personal transportation.


For each car sharing vehicle, depending on the study, at least 12 privately owned vehicles are removed from our roads. Fewer cars means less strain on infrastructure and less strain on environmental assets.


All the benefits of car ownership, without any of the constraints of car ownership.

With Traditional
car ownership
With Car Sharing An Advantage
using Car Sharing
Access to vehicle use Yes Yes Same
Access to 7+ different types of vehicles to suit your requirements No Yes Advantage
A new vehicle every 2-3 years No Yes Advantage
Being able to pay only for time spent using a car vs time spent owning a car No Yes Advantage
A parking spot being the responsibility of the driver Yes No Advantage
Insurance being the responsibility of the driver Yes No Advantage
Vehicle Servicing and maintenance being the responsibility of the driver Yes No Advantage
Monthly finance repayments being the responsibility of the driver Yes No Advantage
Depreciation risk being the responsibility of the driver Yes No Advantage
Purchase and trade in negotiation with a dealer being the responsibility of the driver Yes No Advantage
* a single vehicle purchased and owned typically for 7 years


Technology makes car sharing work and so simple to use. As an innovation that can be part of our daily lives now through the technology available, being a Popcar member and driver is all taken care of but of course there are plenty of questions which can all be answered through following the link below.

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How to Join

Join Popcar via the website, or by calling our customer experience team.

All you need is a valid driver's license, and a credit card, be 18 years or older to be on your way to smarter means of owning a vehicle.

How Quickly Can I start driving?

If you join during our business hours, you can be driving your first Popcar within 30 minutes. Once your application is received, our customer experience team will activate your account and contact you to assist in your first booking. Once you arrive at the vehicle location our team will remotely unlock the vehicle and your Popcar Access Card will be waiting inside the glove box.

Alternatively if time is on your side, a welcome pack with your Popcar Access Card will be mailed to you.

How do I pay for using Popcar?

All charges are billed to your credit card attached to your account. No invoices to worry about. Charges are processed at the conclusion of your journey with the exception of toll road fees incurred, these will be processed to your credit card within the following week.

Booking a Popcar

How do I book a Popcar?

It's very easy, use our website or app to locate the vehicle you want to book and follow the prompts. You'll receive a booking notification either by email or SMS (depending on what you have set as your communication preference). To book a Popcar all you need is to have a valid membership.

Can I change/cancel a booking?

Yes, you can change or cancel your booking up to 3 hours prior with no penalty.

Can I extend a booking once my booking has begun?

Absolutely pending the car hasn't been booked by someone else for the period you are wanting to extend for. Either use our App on your smart phone, use the on-board computer or if during business hours contact our customer experience team.

Can I make recurring or multiple bookings?

Yes, both are possible with the technology our cars run from. Multiple bookings can be made for up to a year in advance pending the car is available for all your selected times, should it not be the system will propose the best alternatives for you.

Minimum and maximum Booking times

The minimum for all our vehicles is 1 hour, the maximum is 1 year. A Daily rate is available as many of our members often use vehicles for multiple days at a time.

What types of cars are Popcars?

All Popcars are automatics and most use petrol fuel. Some vehicles do use Diesel and this is clearly identified on the inside of the fuel cap.

Popcar offer you a wide category of vehicle from our City Hatches, to SUV's, to Sporty cars, to Commercial Utes and Vans. Also Hybrid vehicles.


The car won't unlock

If it is during office hours (being Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm, Saturday 9am – 5:00pm) please call our Membership Experience team to gain assistance.

If it is outside of business hours our priority is to get you to where you need to go. As such we recommend you call and catch a taxi. The cost of which to a maximum of $50 will be credited back to your account with receipt of the invoice from you.

The car won't start

If it is during office hours (being Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm, Saturday 9am – 5:00pm) please call our Membership Experience team to gain assistance.

If it is outside of business hours our priority is to get you to where you need to go. As such we recommend you call and catch a taxi. The cost of which to a maximum of $50 will be credited back to your account with receipt of the invoice from you.

The car isn't there for my booking

If it is during office hours (being Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm, Saturday 9am – 5:00pm) please call our Membership Experience team to gain assistance.

If it is outside of business hours our priority is to get you to where you need to go. As such we recommend you call and catch a taxi. The cost of which to a maximum of $50 will be credited back to your account with receipt of the invoice from you.

The car is damaged/unacceptably dirty

All you need to do is report the condition of the vehicle through the app or by calling the membership experience phone centre and let us know. If that's the way you found the vehicle then of course no charges will be applied to you.

The car has less than 30% fuel

If this happens we apologise for the inconvenience to yourself. Each car is required to be returned to its location with at least 30% fuel, if it isn't the last member will be charged a fee which is then passed onto the next using member as a credit to their account.

The car was in an accident

If no person is injured, collect all details from the other driver involved including as many photos as possible of both vehicles and other driver's license and registration number.

If the car is not drivable, each vehicle has towing assistance which can be called 24 hours a day. The contact number is located on back page of your in car guide, kept in the glove box.

The car has broken down/has a flat tyre

Each vehicle has towing assistance which can be called 24 hours a day for any vehicle issues. The contact number is located on back page of your in car guide, kept in the glove box.

I forgot something in a Popcar

We can remotely allow access to the vehicle if it is not being used so that you can return and retrieve your item. Alternatively if the car has been used we will do our best to retrieve it and contact the driver. Of course any personal items taken into a vehicle are the responsibility of individuals for its care.

I lost my license

It is a condition that all registered drivers maintain a valid driver's license. If a registered driver is to have their license suspended it is the account holders responsibility to have that driver removed. If the account holder has their driver's license suspended then driving a Popcar is no longer permitted and the membership should be cancelled to ensure no further charges are processed.

The vehicle was involved in an accident and the driver isn't a registered Popcar driver

The only individuals permitted to drive a Popcar are those registered to a valid membership. The account holder must not allow any other person to drive a Popcar under their account. Any damage or theft to a vehicle in these circumstances is not covered under insurance and becomes the responsibility of the account holder.

Subscription Changes/Maintenance

Changing a subscription plan

Your subscription can be changed on a monthly basis should your circumstances change and you expect to be using Popcar either more or less.

Additionally subscriptions such as insurance excess reductions or carbon offset credits can also be modified monthly.

Cancelling your membership

You are not locked into any minimum term with Popcar, it's a great service and if your circumstances should change then you can change your membership at any stage. Your membership can be cancelled or postponed at any time. No more will be paid by you pending all due payments at the time of cancelling have been made.

Account Maintenance
All your details can be maintained via logging into your account on our website. Here you can;
  • Update your contact details
  • Update your credit card information
  • Change and add the Drivers associated to your account
  • Update communication preferences

Using Popcar Vehicles

Who can drive a Popcar?

Once you have an active membership with Popcar anyone who is a registered driver on your account can drive under your membership and use Popcar. To be a registered driver a person must have registered via our website and have submitted a copy of their valid driver's license. Any registered driver needs to be 18 years or older

How much is it to use a Popcar

There are multiple subscription plans available depending on how often you will be using Popcar. Generally there is Joining Payment and monthly membership payment. Usage is charged by an hourly rate and per kilometre rate. The hourly rates vary based on the type of vehicle you are using, use a less expensive vehicle and the rate is less so you are able to pay for what you use.

What's included in my charges for using Popcar

Fuel, Insurance, Servicing, Maintenance, Registration, Insurance are all included in your usage charges. Road tolls, traffic and driving infringements, parking fines are not included in your usage and are charged separately where the account holder incurs them.

What license do I need?

Any valid driver's license from any state in Australia or any country internationally is fine.

What happens about insurance?

Insurance is included in your hourly usage but there is an excess you are liable for should it be determined that the at fault driver is either yourself or a driver under you membership. You may elect to add an insurance excess reduction option to your subscription. This can be changed on a monthly basis by visiting your account on the website.

What if I receive a parking/traffic infringement

No problem but it is your responsibility to have the fine paid. Should we receive an infringement on your behalf because it hasn't been paid or was an infringement that wasn't handed to you at the time of incurring (like a red light camera etc.) we will complete a statutory declaration and have it forwarded to the account holder. When this happens there is an administration charge for doing so (please see other charges under Payments).

Can my pet use Popcar too?

Not in every vehicle but yes in some. Some Popcars are marked as being pet friendly, these can be found when booking by selecting the 'Pet Friendly' search criteria. They are also labelled as such in the vehicles information guide within the glove box.

Tow bars/roof racks, are these accessories available?

Some SUVs will be fitted with tow bars and roof racks. They can be identified when searching for available Popcars to book by using the filter. Correct usage including not exceeding the tow limits is the responsibility of the driver. Towing inappropriately will render the driver liable for all damage and liability and is not covered under any insurance.

A Rav4 fitted with a tow bar has a towing limit of 750kg and a Tiguan fitted with a tow bar has a limit of 750kg.

How to Get into a Popcar

To open a Popcar vehicle simply hold your Access Card to the chip ready located on the driver's side front window. Should for any reason the car not unlock call the member experience team.

How to start a Popcar

Vehicles are started via a normal car key, the key will be permanently attached under the steering wheel to a chord. If the car uses a Smart Start system (push button start without a key) then all you need to do is push the button to get going. When you enter the vehicle, the on board unit will ask you questions about the state of the vehicle, which you will need to answer before starting the car.

How to Fuel a Popcar

All vehicles have an on-board computer, usually near the rear view mirror. Inside the computer is a Motorpass petrol card that can be ejected and used for fuelling your vehicle at any petrol station. When the card is ejected from the computer a PIN Code will be displayed for use when purchasing the fuel. Fuelling a vehicle is every user's responsibility and cars are always required to be returned at the completion of each journey with a 30% fuel level. If under that level a charge is incurred which is passed to the next member who uses the vehicle as a credit on their account for the inconvenience.

How finish a journey with Popcar

Before the conclusion of your reservation time, return the vehicle to its designated location from where you picked it up and simply lock the vehicle and walk away. You may either close the reservation by ending your booking on the app or the booking will end automatically at its ending time.

What other charges/fees am I liable for?

On our pricing page are details of all charges a member may be liable for. Any toll fees or fines are the responsibility of the account holder in addition to usage charges. There are other charges we may impose to help keep the system working for one member to another, all are outlined on the pricing page.

Cancellation / No Show Fee

There is no cancellation fee if the reservation is cancelled more than 3 hours before the start of the booking. This stops members reserving cars then cancelling at the last minute, which prevents other members from using them. Members who do not cancel their booking within these times will be charged standard rates for all hours reserved.

Late Return

If a member is late returning a car, they are charged $25. If another member had that car booked, the late member will be charged an extra $25 ($50 in total). We may decide not to charge a late fee if the member phoned us in advance to let us know they are running late. However, if another member had that car booked the $25 charge for inconveniencing them will stand.

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